I love the essay form with an unbridled passion. I think essays offer a power and possibility missing in the novel now, not because essays purport to offer truth, more that I feel a bit stuck with novels (you can read an essay about that here) even while I continue to write fiction. Realist fiction, though imbued with a liberal humanism to understand others, seems stuck to me, mired in rules about plot and how story unfolds, building to conclusions, etc, etc. I even get frustrated with how detail is used to reveal characters’ emotions…. So, right now – and this is really a statement of this moment vs. some hard-and-fast rule – I’m interested in the hybrid possibilities of the essay. It’s part of why I co-founded The Weeklings, and I’m currently working on a series about ghosts and cities and urbanism inspired in part by the artist Kate Newby’s work as well as trips to Brixton and Bristol.

I’ve also been an editor at the American design magazine ID as well as the British style magazine The Face and men’s mag Arena, all of which were lauded, none of which still exists. This is part of the reason I love the internet and possibility it allows for exploring longer writing.


The Believer: A Chaos of Possibilities

Granta: The Fairytale

Harper’s: The Rainmaker’s Flood

BOMB: Rain Like Cotton

The White Review: The Place of the Bridge 

Arnolfini: The Place of the Bridge (included in the exhibition “The Promise”)(1.2MB)

LARB: Views from a Height: Technologies of Surveillance from the Photographic Survey to the Predator Drone

I'm With Her: The Plagiarist is Present (on Rochelle Feinstein, forgeries and feminism)(6.3MB)

A Reader on Place and Work: Apple Trees Grow Elsewhere (The Portland Biennial 2016)(7.8MB)

Frieze: Near & Far

The October Salon: The Geometry of a Hole (159k)

Frieze: Rules of Attraction (5.5MB)